What is a Tattoo Sleeve and How Much Does One Cost

Today in this article we will be talking about what a tattoo sleeve is and how much one may cost and how long it would take to get one hope you find this informative and helpful in your tattoo choices.

What is a Tattoo Sleeve

What is a Tattoo Sleeve

What is a Tattoo Sleeve

A tattoo sleeve is a very large tattoo, or even a collection of smaller ones that cover a person’s entire arm. The tattoo usually is a theme of some sort and appears to look like someone is wearing a long sleeve shirt, hence the term tattoo sleeve. There is also something called half-sleeve or a quarter sleeve tattoo, the half sleeve usually covers either the top of the arm or the bottom, and a quarter sleeve tattoo usually covers shoulder to midway to elbow. Most sleeve tattoos take many sessions to complete, sometimes even months or years.

Tattoo sleeves are becoming more and more popular and clothes makers are now even making long sleeve shirts with transparent sleeves so you can show off that tattoo.

How Much Does a Tattoo Sleeve Cost

We are now going to talk about how much money a tattoo sleeve may and how long a tattoo sleeve would take. This cost can vary a lot due to many factors, how extensive the tattoo, the place where you are getting the tattoo done, and the quality of work. With a tattoo you need to make sure you go to someone who has a license, follows proper hygiene procedures, and who has experience. Please talk to your friends and even try to find reviews online about the person you are thinking about going too for a tattoo.

Another great way to know if the tattoo artist is reputable is by how busy their shop is. If they are constantly busy and you need to make an appointment, chances are they do good, quality work. If you are not careful you can end up with a severe infection or a really bad tattoo and since tattoo removal can be very painful and very expensive you need to be so careful who you choose.

Tattoo sleeves are very expensive and take many, many hours. Most qualified, reputable tattoo parlors charge 100 dollars an hour for a tattoo, a full tattoo sleeve takes 20-25 hours, so that is about 2000 for an arm. Most people break up the 20 hours into 4 hour time slots, or as I said before they can take months or years to finish.

I hope this article has helped you learn about tattoo sleeves and the different options available to you. I suggest if you do decide to get one, you meet with the chosen tattoo artist, and discuss your ideas together.